Improve search in Facebook status

Facebook has implemented its new tool and it’s now easier to search in Facebook status. Thus the great social network will allow you to have more accurate and concise in its large database results., Leaving aside the possibility that Google take over this valuable information.

On Monday of week is Facebook integrated the new “featured” so users can use it without any problem.Leaving in the past the precarious way to search through the social network.

But why the change should search in Facebook status., Mostly now you can search for anything you could possibly want. How for example, Status, Pictures, Reviews and obviously the Check-Ins

For many people this kind of information is very important to say, and I agree. But the simple fact of having half the world’s information and to make a “negociazo” with her, really surprised me.

That’s why Google can not find anything in the Facebook database., Obviously why Facebook does not.This is because the information that runs daily, and Facebook uses this information to make and show “Free” to the same users.

Encyclical changes are not shown in a matter of design, just when doing a search, and it will be better than before.

Increasingly not move away from the little privacy we have left on social networks, now everyone can check about what you want and the results can be beneficial for some and for others it is simply a way to “Finishing” with little privacy taken into Facebook.

Improve search in Facebook status

Just take note that Facebook has a little over 1,000 million members / users which in turn share, comment on the social network. Now we all have to be part of the statistics are new quests.

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