LG KizOn created to monitor your kids away

Prevent an incident like a child astray is always recommended, and LG kept this in mind when creating a bracelet that can track the whereabouts of a person, communicate with the device and accelerate the process of finding the child in case of it has been out.

KizOn is the name of this gadget that has a basic configuration, but very useful. First, its design is colorful and waterproof, however, its size seems to be rather reserved for an adult doll, which could result in the child not like it to port.

Out of this, the product has GPS and WiFi antenna as well as the ability to make and receive calls . Parents can configure which will be authorized to dial from the bracelet in case of a number emergency .

Also, parents can dial from your smartphone to the remote device, and if the child does not answer within 10 seconds, the call automatically be accepted for the adult can hear the sound in the environment.

Certainly KizOn can be traced on a map, in addition, the condition of the battery – which lasts about 36 hours according to LG – will be reported to the screen of the smartphone, so when is low, parents can know and recharge of timely manner.

This is a practical idea that could help in many cases of loss, occurring in all regions of the world. The product will be available this month in Korea and eventually reach more markets , although not announced its price.

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