Take your office wherever with these apps

Take your office wherever with these apps

With how fast the world moves today, it is important to use the time as possible. Often the time spent in the office is not sufieciente, but fortunately today’s technology allows us to bring the office with us wherever we need it.

That’s why we show you the top 10 applications that can decargar to your smartphone or tablet and you will save some headaches, because you can take your office everywhere.

1. Team Viewer 
is an application available for iOS and Android. With it you can access your computer from anywhere via your mobile device and use any software or document you have on it and need anywhere.

Two. Evernote 
is an application that allows you to plan your business by creating notes. You can sync it with your computer and all your mobile devices, so you can share your information no matter where you are. You can create lists of things to do, capture photos, record audio and save web pages.

Three. Dropbox 
With this application you can take your documents, pictures and videos anywhere. Only you have to procedure for installing dropbox on your computer and all your documents will be available there also saved to your mobile devices, and even in the same web application.

April. Documents to go 
is an application that lets you open and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your mobile device.

5. Dragon Naturally speaking 
With this software can convert your voice to text. You can capture tasks, text and even send e-mails in the same manner.

6. Mobile Outlook Web (OWA e-mail) 
with this application you can enjoy your email from your mobile devices. Once installed on computers automatically notifies you when you have a new e-mail. In addition it also serves as a calendar and give notice of upcoming events or meetings, according to information received by mail. Not compatible with G-mail

7. Office Suite Pro 7 (PDF & HD) 
addition to create, edit and configure to send to print from a mobile device documents in word, excel and power point. Office Suite includes a scanned files with programs like DropBox, Google Drive, Sky Drive among others, which allows the user several options for handling and managing your files, even those that are on a fixed computer.

8. Look out 
is an attractive way to protect valuable information you store on your iOS device to potential hazards, such as data loss, theft and other threats that endanger your private information. It is only compatible with iPhone and iPad.

9. Skype 
With this Software will hold meetings with your clients, friends or family, no matter where you are. Whether from your computer, your smarthphone or tablet – provided it count with a front-camera can exchange text, voice and video with people in real time. It is also very useful for interviews.

10. FreshBooks 
is a useful tool that will help you keep everything under control related to the accounting of your business.With Freshbooks you can make payments online, create and send invoices to customers from around the world. Also calculates costs and fees.


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