Bin He, controlled aircraft with thought

An investigation on the control of an aircraft by the mind, by experts at the University of Minnesota, USA, is making remarkable progress. In the laboratory of Professor Bin He, six young people have learned to guide the aircraft.

Its shape resembles a traditional helicopter, is an adapted version of a drone, a small unmanned aerial vehicle, usually used for surveillance version. The system works because of the geography of the motor cortex, the area of ​​the brain in charge of motion.

He’s driven, technology is oriented someday deprived of their psychomotor ability, caused by neurodegenerative diseases, people can regain those capabilities, thanks to the mind to control artificial limbs or other devices.

The interface used in the system reads brainwaves I are graspable by the electrodes of an EEG cap, in contact with the scalp without requiring a chip implanted in the brain.

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