Google joins generating the hashtag # google

By now you all know., Generating the hashtag began and Google does not want to be left behind. The pound symbol is the option that enables the hashtags, for example, if your appointment. # Entuespacio on the social network Twitter, unto all conversations or post with the hashtag # entuespacio something that Google+ is adopting these days.

Starting today Google+ will use hashtags., In order to qualify and group post within their social network.Doing the same thing at first performed Twitter. Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Google+ now allows celebrities hashtags.

Thus the generation of hashtags also reaches the Google+ social network, it is easier to classify and renew their social network under the rule of various topics. Never too late to be the last, but the truth is that Google+ was slow to implement the generation of the hashtag.

The implementation of hashtags is part of the strategy that Google has to gain ground in social networking. And so is scaled to a better user traffic to its social network Google+.

Unlike other social networks Google+ hashtags have two variants., The first aimed at users will be gray and the second will be blue. Latter is intended to be only for “Post” and “Free” of Google+.

Google joins generating the hashtags # google

What distinguishes the new choice for social network Google+ is that you will have the option to delete the hashtags without any problem., Which so far is impossible with Twitter or Facebook (to name a few) and it seems that not much but the advantage of hashtags clear you do not want in your post., seems somewhat “useless” but it’s more than that without question.

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