A magic pen that corrects misspellings

Falk and Daniel, parents originating in Munich, Germany, announced his new invention: the pen “Lernstift” which in German means “pen to learn.” Not only corrects spelling, but also has the ‘calligraphy’ function, which corrects the strokes of the letters.

The aim of the invention, it is lightweight and does not require special paper, is to make learning a fun and easy activity for all ages. In this account, the item would be ideal for writers, editors, journalists, students and even teachers.


The new pen to write checks spelling and slight vibration alerts, the person who is using it, when they committed a misspelling. Used batteries and can connect to social networks to share what the user is typing.


The pen works with the Linux operating system, and has Wi-Fi and sensors to control what the user types.Wirelessly issuing information to a tablet or a ‘smartphone’ to analyze the information.

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