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  • The app analyzes the plays of Adidas soccer

    The app analyzes the plays of Adidas soccer

    Fans who download the app will be able to capture your video plays, and calculation using innovative technology, can meet the speed, angle and time of flight of each shot. Every shot is completely analyzed, giving fans important information about the game of your favorite team play, helping ...

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  • He lost around 100kg playing Rock Band

    He lost around 100kg playing Rock Band

    The young man decided to take a balanced diet and follow a routine that included many hours of play in Rock Band after seeing online that a man had lost weight by playing for hours. Marc Rodwell is an English 22 year old weighing 228 kilos and was forced by their doctors to lose weight […]

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  • Find your lost smartphone with these 5 Apps

    Find your lost smartphone with these 5 Apps

    Whether it’s iPhone or an Android. When a phone is lost is the worst that can happen to you, maybe you lost it or maybe you left at your friend’s house. Do not worry because here I leave the best “Apps” to find your lost smartphone. Where is my Droid - Download | Android ...

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  • Hiroshi Yamauchi died Nintendo's legacy

    Hiroshi Yamauchi died Nintendo’s legacy

    Yamauchi, at the helm of the Japanese firm for over half a century, was the third generation of a family that founded a business manufacturing playing cards in the former Japanese capital of Kyoto in 1889 and was president from 1949 to 2002. He then served as executive consultant until his ...

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  • Inka Madness, the game that won smartphones

    Inka Madness, the game that won smartphones

    It is a 2D platform game with elements of exploration, action and RPG, available for Windows Phone and iOS. The game tells the story of Atuq, son of the ruler Tupac Qhari, an Inca warrior who has the mission to save the Inca Empire and free his brother from the evil spell conjured by curaca ...

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