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  • Today is the fifth anniversary of Google Android

    That those time when Android first appeared in HTC Dream. Today is the fifth anniversary of Google Android and explain how you have improved during this time. It started on 23 September 2008 when Google officially introduced the T-Mobile G1 cell or also known as HTC Dream., Carrying the ...

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  • Apple beats South Korea's Samsung again

    Apple beats South Korea’s Samsung again

    Is symbolic victory for Apple because it took place in the field of Samsung, South Korea. Apple on Thursday won a battle in the legal war against its rival Samsung when a court rejected the claim of the South Korean manufacturer for violation of three patents. The electronics maker accused ...

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  • Facebook provide free Internet with Cisco

    Like what you hear Social Network is willing to do what others could not, Facebook will provide free Internet with the communications company Cisco Systems. It’s new partnership aims to have better results and higher stats obviously with such Social Network users. And mention what … ...

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  • How is the Samsung Galaxy Gear, we explain!

    Samsung Galaxy Gear is loaded with technology, from applications to a clock integrated in the camera strap, but what we will be interested mainly in this analysis is whether adding value to justify its price beyond the novelty effect. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is surely the media player in the ...

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  • The new giant Apple iPad is coming

    The new giant Apple iPad is coming

    Apart from building materials and design, Apple wants their iPad big screen apart from the competition by the image quality, as once did the 9.7-inch iPad. Apple is working on an iPad with a larger retina display their latest release, the iPad Air, 12.9 inches, according to The Korea Times. The ...

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  • No more privacy with Android smartphones

    No more privacy with Android smartphones

    The change means that those with smartphones using Android 4.4.2, the version of the operating system’s most popular mobile devices in the world presented this week, should provide access to your personal information to use certain applications. Google Inc experimental tool eliminated the ...

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