• The Samjiyon tablet not connecting to internet

    The Samjiyon tablet not connecting to internet

    To the surprise of many users, the famous North Korean Samjiyon Tablet, has difficulty connecting to the internet. Despite its affordable price for a tourist, the average population of that city can not acquire it so easily. Unlike tablets in the South Korean market by the Samsung company, ...

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  • Since 2015 comics will be published on Star Wars

    Since 2015 comics will be published on Star Wars

    After Disney acquired the rights to Lucasfilm, starting next year, Marvel will publish comics and graphic novels acclimated about the universe, Star Wars. In addition, the tournament is promoted to choose the favorite character of the legendary saga. Next year will be characterized by a ...

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  • The 2014 is a year for cybercrime

    From mobile banking vulnerabilities and targeted attacks, to the growing privacy concerns and the potential for a major breakthrough each month, 2014 promises to be a prolific year for cybercrime. Also see the evolution of the IoE (Internet of Everything, for its acronym in English), which ...

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  • Smartphones home in your pocket

    Smartphones home in your pocket

    Indeed, from this year, smartphones take a big leap that will enable users to solve specific problems. Thus, it seeks to address cybercrime has directed his gaze to the technology segments. Because the high-end smartphones continue to evolve, the user can connect through small devices like ...

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  • Samsung one of the records of 2013

    Samsung one of the records of 2013

    A home TV 110 inches is the largest on the market that has gone on sale and fits Samsung proud to have the new record during the past 2013, which is part of the new generation of high-definition “super size “in stunning visual quality. The price was also a record, since it hit the ...

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  • Sales battle between Xbox and PlayStation 4

    Sales battle between Xbox and PlayStation 4

    It was a hot war started since last August when they verbal encounters between officials of Sony against Microsoft by the respective launches of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox video game One Last year Sony spokesman spoke against Microsoft by constantly changing the promotion of what was to be the ...

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  • Great technological failures of 2013

    Great technological failures of 2013

    We are accustomed to hear from the best achievements in the annual accounts, but it is also good to know the technological failure as the web disaster of Obamacare, the great banner of President Obama, who has stumbled popularity errors of the web page in first they said it was because it was ...

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