• Warn of prolonged use of Wi-Fi

    Warn of prolonged use of Wi-Fi

    A warning on prolonged use of Wi-Fi was released by experts from the Organization for the Defense Health in Spain, due to their prolonged exposure to radiation can develop into tumors, especially among children and youth. The study was based on access to the Internet in schools, where it is ...

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  • Blue Link, Hyundai smart device

    Blue Link, Hyundai smart device

    Through a clever device called Blue Link, Hyundai aims to maintain permanent control of your vehicle by remote control, with no problems now for forgetting to fill the tank with fuel, as one of its advantages will make driving more enjoyable. The device also allows you to start the car, open ...

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  • Extraordinary sales of Xbox One

    Extraordinary sales of Xbox One

    In record time, One Xbox Microsoft achieved a turnover of more than two million units worldwide sales.The console would already be exhausted in most dealerships also observed near a million Xbox Live transactions in the same period. The new model allows the use of 83 million hours that include ...

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  • iPad Air seeks to maintain first place

    iPad Air seeks to maintain first place

    With the presence of the iPad Air, the distance between mobile devices and personal computers each day disappears. Its versatility is because their bases are established in a great device that integrates A7 64 bit processor that allows you as effective as a larger device work. The iPad Air ...

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  • iPhone 6 is getting closer to reality

    iPhone 6 is getting closer to reality

    Apple products presented soon, new devices with the iPhone 6 iOS7 identifier to connect to their applications from the Cupertino campus, which means that every time the option is closer. Reportedly known in laboratories are testing Apple’s new iOS iPhone6 ​​7. Is there a new device ...

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  • A reality, driverless vehicles in 2020

    According to forecasts of the companies Mercedes, Nissan and Google, because there are already prototypes, from the year 2020 will not be unusual to see vehicles driving without a driver. The vehicle of the future of Mercedes, was tested in August 2013 and made a path 100 miles in Germany.The ...

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  • Dream World, the new version of Candy Crush

    Dream World, the new version of Candy Crush

    Lovers games on iOS and Android devices, can enjoy a new, more user-friendly version of Candy Crush.The creative studio with over 100 million active players in its latest update includes the Dream world. It is a supplement that must pass 65 levels from level 50 to enter Candy and connect to ...

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