• Steve Jobs died two years ago last October 5

    Steve Jobs died two years ago last October 5

    The genius of Apple, Steve Jobs died two years ago this past October 5 this year. Since I did not have the opportunity to see the iPhone 5S and 5C in the hands of iPhone users who want to both Apple. Was 56 years old when he died on October 5, 2011. He lived at […]

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  • Attention Facebook Latin America is being infected

    Attention Facebook Latin America is being infected

    It is a virus that is taking almost half of the continent. Facebook is being infected and have to Ecuador, Colombia and Peru our friends could have been robbed of valuable information from your web browser.No matter what it was. The social network has not said anything about it. The virus that ...

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  • What is better, the iPad Mini iPad or Air?, You decide!

    What is better, the iPad Mini iPad or Air?, You decide!

    Apple has simultaneously renewed their iPad tablets, the ‘big’ model with 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch iPad mini with screen. Most notable is now between the iPad and the iPad Mini Air no more difference than the screen size. Size and weight and price vary, but everything else, processor ...

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  • No more privacy with Android smartphones

    No more privacy with Android smartphones

    The change means that those with smartphones using Android 4.4.2, the version of the operating system’s most popular mobile devices in the world presented this week, should provide access to your personal information to use certain applications. Google Inc experimental tool eliminated the ...

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  • What you must know before installing the iOS 7

    What you must know before installing the iOS 7

    Apple released the update to its operating system for mobile devices, now we tell you what you should know before installing iOS is 7 and so do not take no surprise. It is new version of iOS 7 is like you have a Smartphone with Google Android Operating System, have many similarities between the ...

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