• Minuum, the small keyboard for big fingers

    Minuum, the small keyboard for big fingers

    Finally on the market can be purchased Qwerty keyboard we had hoped for long. One of its attractions is found in being able to resize and move across the screen to place it in the desired location. With Minuum Keyboard, QWERTY keyboard have compressed practically a line, unlike what happens ...

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  • And you, Wasapeas or guasapeas?

    And you, Wasapeas or guasapeas?

    In response to the controversy over the use of language to refer to WhatsApp service, the Royal Academy of Language accepts as valid guasap words guasapear guasaps and the name of the popular instant messaging service. The terms can be used without adding quotation marks because it is ...

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  • Google Glass, are not just for geeks

    Google Glass, are not just for geeks

    A few days of being on the market, computer geeks are not the only ones interested in using Google Glass glasses. According to a survey, stakeholders ranging from a housewife to a zoo employee. According to a user survey, the main attraction of the device is its ability to look away, hands-free ...

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  • Visitors love Jelly.co

    Visitors love Jelly.co

    This is Jelly.Co , a new network was launched by Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, in order to encourage their users to help each other in finding answers to their questions. The question was sent with pictures and who knows the answer immediately sends. According to Digital Millennium, this ...

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  • Demonoid, the resurgence of a legend

    Demonoid, the resurgence of a legend

    For lovers of the torrent sites, it has been no surprise to note the resurgence of Demonoid legend. The most popular recognized for downloading these files that disappeared in 2012 webs. The truth of the matter is that the tracker: http://inferno.demonoid.com:3396/ is active again and seems to ...

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  • Pegatron will produce 50% of iPhone 6

    Pegatron will produce 50% of iPhone 6

    It was in 2013 when Pegatron began to manufacture the iPhone 5S, in order to avoid problems with the supply chain and allow Apple to expand its line of iPhones. Recently, the firm won the contract to manufacture 50% of all iPhone 6 units. The corporation, of Chinese origin, is currently ...

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  • Carat, prevents wear your battery on your mobile

    Carat, prevents wear your battery on your mobile

    In order to prevent battery wear our smart phone, comes Carat. Through implementation avoids closing devices when not in use. This prevents the battery from being further discharged. Currently, it has Skype, Yelp and Pandora some of the most popular battery that steal energy, they are not ...

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