A bug interrupted last Christmas auction Steam

The last Christmas auction Steam was interrupted by a bug that caused problems with counting gems.The platform returned to normal operation, but it is not known if the event is repeated before the year ends.

As every December, Steam had made ​​their Christmas auction. The occasion allows changing the trading cards for gems, which serve to participate in the auction to acquire a recognized videogame .

However, in 2014 it could not complete correctly. The bug that affected the system doubled gems, which ended up making a mess finances superpoblándola platform cards.

“We apologize for the interruption. The Yeti was content. We had a problem with gems which means we need to reboot and start again, “said Velve in a statement. And while he promised that the event will again be held, gave no news on when it will be.

By the time all auctions returned to zero, and the company is investigating each case to see if it was an attack.

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