Controlled by sight Mouse developed by Samsung

Eyecan + is the name of Mouse controlled by the view developed by Samsung, is a device special that provides the ability to edit documents and browse the internet to perceive the movement of the eyes.No additional accessories to be used, was thinking for people with diminished motor skills.

The device is located under the monitor comes equipped with technology wireless that allows you to calibrate and synchronize it with the user’s eyes, the distance between Eyecan + and the user is 70 inches, tilt can be adjusted so that user can be seated or lying for use.

The device can store the calibration data to avoid having to do it every time it is used, thus allowing to optimize the time.

For now, Eyecan + presents a menu with 18 different actions (copy, paste, drag, printing, selecting, close) that are activated by movement of the eyes and blinks and allows broaden actions themselves but creating any.

In the team development participated Hyung-Jin Shin , who for a year and a half performed the testing of the product, Hyung-Jin Shin was born quadriplegic and graduated in science computing .

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