You can already use Skype without installing anything on your PC

Microsoft has taken an important step because you can use Skype without installing anything on your PC and use the tool for video chat and online llamdas from your browser . In good time for the company to Microsoft . It’s great how they will integrate with its new Windows. It is a necessary condition for Skype messaging system improvement.

We must recognize that the developers of this new feature to the tool of Microsoft applause from all of us take, including those that do not use the tool . Well now do not need to have it installed on your computer or smartphone to use the new and improved system Skype.

This is one of the most impressive betting the company of Skype, because the way this new service connects via WebRTC is certainly the meaning of WebRTC is; Real-Time Web Communication. What is still compatible with any browser anywhere.

In good time Microsoft!

Visit: Skype

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