Gliese 832 c the planet that could be similar to Earth

The new exoplanet is, according to scientists, the planet that best fits the requirements to become an Earth-like planet, something like a twin. Among other things it is the closest planet to us as it is only 16 light years.

Several planets outside our solar system that is potentially habitable. The newest member of these isGliese 832 c , one super-Earth orbiting the red dwarf star Gliese 832, as known in the astronomical world to host a planet similar to a cold Jupiter, Gliese 832 b.

Giese 832 c, was discovered by an international team of astronomers, led by Robert A. Wittenmyer UNSWAustralia , has an orbit of 36 days and a mass of at least five times that of Earth. Astronomers believe that its temperature could be very similar to that of our planet, because it receives about the same average energy from its star than the Earth receives from the Sun

One of the questions is whether this new planet’s atmosphere and overall composition are suitable or not, because in that case, despite the promise of this planet, could become an environment very different from Earth and be discarded of habitable exoplanets.

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