Snapchat not accept third-party security applications

All for the safety of users using this messenger, Snapchat not accept applications by third safety of its users. Snapchat is an instant messaging program that lets you send photos and videos to one or more recipients, but these messages have a definite period, ie to delete from your mobile of the person who received automatically.

Messages are sent as data which does not cause extra expense. It is available for operating systemsiOS (iPhone) or Android and you can download from the official site. Recent developments filtration photos of the service have been Snapchat to distance applications from third parties, since one of them in particular, allowed users to skip the function of self-destruction photos of the platform , a fact that contradicts the main feature of Snapchat.

The application is called Snapsaved which endangered the security of information added to the attack by a hacker who accessed a secure server and seized a large amount of photos and videos. Snapchat continue to enhance its security , so that users collaborate fulfilling usage policies messaging system, could lose their accounts if they install third-party apps.

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