Microsoft engineers invented a bra anti-stress

Researchers have been designing new ways to help people who eat eagerness to reduce smoking or at least be aware of when this happens.

More than half of the U.S. population eat more when stressed, according to a recent study. This often indicates that for a negative cycle in the day, people eat more food and gain weight, especially during Thanksgiving.

Engineers and designers of Microsoft Research, anti-stress invented a bra that contains a sensor made of a special material that monitors moods and helps regulate stress eating.

Mary Czerwinski, a psychologist and researcher at Microsoft, explained that this accessory is driven towards women as are most generate these pulses (overeaters) and this bra is ideal for measuring ECG (electrocardiogram). He added that he tried to do the same with underwear of men, but it was too far from the heart.

The anti-stress bra recently tested by a small group of volunteers who were able to obtain information on your mood. Microsoft built sensor panels with a microprocessor powered by a 3.7 volt battery, which is capable of testing up to eight channels of bio-signals simultaneously.

Sensors capturadan heart rate and breathing with ECG sensor, conductive skin electrodermal activity sensor and movement with an accelerometer and a gyroscope. Data is transmitted to a smarphone application, which is stored in the computer researchers.

With this recording, we will know the moods and so scientists can accurately predict changes in physiology that accompanies food and stress, including whether subjects were happy or angry.

It is difficult to know what are the causes of our problems or mood suffer daily, as this is constantly changing depending on the activity we conduct or situation that we face.

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