Project Loon Balloons went around the world

Just over a year ago that Google began testing to achieve connect internet anywhere on the planet, balloons Project Loon went around the world, announced thus an important advance the ambitious pilot project.

The Loon Project aims to internet reach inaccessible areas, regardless of the geographic location where you are. To reach inaccessible places, the method was implemented balloons carrying solar panels as a form of energy, reaching heights of 20 kilometers providing internet service to all who are under them.

To address the balloons one is using algorithm that analyzes the wind direction so as to be able to direct them to the desired areas. Use technology wireless LTE (Long Term Evolution), new and superior to 3G, which allows you to cover an area about 40,000 meters of diameter , balloons allow communications in wireless 5.8 Ghz band from mobile and other devices to the Internet.

The buildings that want to connect to the network of balloons must install an antenna for Internet so they can pick up the signal. Google soon inform latitudes of the southern hemisphere which launch the next balloon to expand the network.

Visit: Loon Project

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