Google Test Wing Project to make deliveries

Although Google expects it will be several years before the fleet is fully operational, the company says it made ​​test flights in Australia have delivered a first aid kit, snacks and water to two farmers after making travel a distance of about one kilometer (just over half a mile) two weeks ago.

The laboratory investigation of Google is trying to put together a fleet of manned aircraft not designed to circumvent the land transit and make deliveries much faster packages.

Google Inc. calls its foray into drones as ” Wing Project “(Project Wing). In addition to perfect theirtechnology aerospace, Google needs to obtain official approval for commercial flying drones in many countries.

Project Wing is the new company that emerges from the laboratory “X” from Google, which has also been working on vehicles for autonomous driving, glasses Glass Google and other innovations that the company CEO Larry Page described as “trips to the moon “revolutionizing technology.


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