Few women work in the area of ​​computer

Data from the National Center for Women Technology IT (NCWIT) show that only 18% of graduates in computer science in the United States are women , which favors male dominance in Silicon Valley .

Fear of failure, cultural stereotypes and lack of confidence are some of the factors that explain the lack of women in the world of high technology, as the Director of Research for Microsoft , Rane Johnson.

In Google, for example, only 17% of employees are women, a situation that is repeated on Twitter, Apple,Facebook and Microsoft itself.

“We are not sufficiently diverse and that hampers innovation,” Johnson said in an interview with Efe, and said the company aims to improve not only gender diversity, but “ethnic, geographic, thought.”

“We all grew up differently, in different places depending on how we grew up and learned our way of asking questions is different,” said the executive of Microsoft, who believes that having more women, and generally more diverse teams, ” allows innovation to another level. ”

“And that is why I have the wonderful task of increasing the number of women and underrepresented groups in the field of research, science, engineering and computing,” said Johnson, who has focused his energy on stimulating interest of teenagers and university in programming .

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