A robot made of LEGOs that moves like a worm

WormBot is the name of a robot made ​​of LEGO pieces that moves like a worm. The journeys that are not the result of programming but the implementation of a digital nerve center equal to the insect.

Tim Busbice baptized WormBot the robot he created, whose behavior resembles that of a worm. This is because having a digital copy brain insect nerve center, so that the apparatus may move alone.

Creation can go forward, backward, turning as soon as it encounters an obstacle. The automaton moves to the places where the sound is why in the video you can hear someone calling him like a dog.

The researcher took data OpenWorm a Kickstarter project  with open source managed to create a virtual version of the worm Caenorhabditis elegans. His additional work involved connecting to android, put two wheels, a microphone , a sonar and cover with LEGO its outer casing.

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