At 12 he invented the colorful WaterColorBot

Todd Sylvia is the girl who developed and invented the WaterColorBot. This robot (machine) has the ability to sketch and paint with watercolors. It is so simple to use that any image that is in you computer can be painted with this WaterColorBot.

With only 12 years old Sylvia Todd managed to make his dream come true, as some inventors spend their entire lives to make their inventions come to light of the public. This smart girl is already known on social networks, as YouTube has a channel as you can build things. This is where the WaterColorBolt born and since this marketing this wonderful and picturesque robot.
Small Sylvia Todd is not only a star on YouTube, as Kickstarter campaign only lasted two weeks, which is really a success. The initial idea of ​​the campaign was $ 50,000 and was surpassed in just two weeks in the amount of $ 74.849 U.S. dollars. And there are still 14 days to the end of this camapaña Kickstarter.

The WaterColorBot was presented at the Science Fair in the very White House. By the way in which the president of the United States gave his congratulations on such a great invention. Sylivia Todd is a girl who wants to change the way children paint, because this way the little ones can assemble and paint their own works without any problem.128[1]

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