Is the UI and UX Linux better than Windows and Mac?

After making some revisions and work on the desktop of Ubuntu, Fedora and Linux mint this doubt has arisen me, really the experience of UI and UX Are Linux better than Windows and Mac?

To put this in context, UI is the acronym for User Interface, ie the user interface or the way in which the user interacts with the desktop, no matter what operating system you use while UX (note that many people confuse these terms) are an acronym for User Experience, or how the user can also find what you want in an easy way, even to the ease in which it can solve the problems you may have using the desktop of any operating system.

While in Windows UI is fully customizable, it goes no have to apply themes or to install third party software that will change the way we see the desktop Operating System environment and Apple environments, of course you can change funds and other things but allows complete customization of the desktop and environment.

After testing Linux distros mentioned earlier, we find that not only can change the wallpaper or the way we see the pictures, but we can transform almost total environment of these desks, converting them in environments much more modern, flexible and easy to use.

If you had the idea that Linux is still that old pc with lots of letters and rare command … nothing further from reality.

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