Bash dangerous virus for Mac OS X and Linux

Pay close attention, Bash Dangerous virus for Mac OS X and Linux and Unix systems can severely damage your computer . It is recommended that you make the appropriate updates and get an anti-virus program.

For the first time I have to write a story where it really worries me, because the virus is new Bash severely affected operating systems Mac OS X, which I use daily. The most relevant is to have all updates current.

Some persons skilled in the art of virus, ensure that you could not take a massive attack with this new virus; Bash, but either way the best way to stay protected is to always have an anti-virus installed on your computer.

It is rare, but the Bash virus, does not affect in any way the operating system Windows. Something that is very rare, since most viruses are designed to run under the operating system of Microsoft Windows.Saved users of Windows.

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