Seeker of NSA is how Google’s powerful

Due to the large volume of data and the large number of people affected is not feasible to simply create a database and expect the agents used. No, in this case the NSA took inspiration from Google and other search sites ICREACH to create their own search engine accessible to agencies worldwide.
This program has come to light after The Intercept publish new classified NSA documents, and explains how the agency made available to other countries that had metadata on citizens around the world.
This metadata is obtained from intercepted communications, and although not include the content of the conversation itself, if there is data such as time, duration, actors, and geographical location.
This may not seem much, in fact the usefulness of this metadata to track people is invaluable to the NSA and other agencies, as though not enough our metadata identify us. Also, by reaching this metadata as easily have been cases of agents that have been used to spy on their ex-girlfriends.

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