The company Symantec discovers spyware virus 2008

New discovery company security computer virus spyware Symantec discovers 2008. The Trojan virus discovered by teams of security company in various countries in Asia and Latin was named Regin.

According to experts, the virus is technically quite complex and sophisticated due to their anonymity has been used so far undetected, their action is so stealthy that once identified is not easy to establish that action has been performed. The targets of virus attack are government agencies and institutes ofresearch so it is believed that the financing of this software is for state intelligence services.

The Trojan is endowed with different strategies to gain entry, once inside the system can capture screen, control the mouse or cursor, get passwords , monitor network traffic and primarily retrieve information that has been deleted, its mission is to obtain information but sabotages operation or alter information on the infected computer.

It is programmed modules that can be combined or selectively run according to the task to be performed, the information it collects is encrypted so it can not be decoded in case of detection intrusion.

This virus has not been developed for ordinary users but to attack computers on government sites or agencies that manage key information worldwide.

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