The new secret features of Android 5.0 Lollipop

Users of several devices have not yet discovered the secret new features Android Lollipop , although it has spread to multiple devices is still much to learn about the benefits of this operating system , here are some tips for users.

The multiuser mode that allows the use of our Smartphone others, have limited access to our personal data and can also limit the calls you can make. In Settings you can see the list of users and clicking on the name of this option is set.

The screens can be set whether you leave the task ahead as if we pay the Smartphone to another person and want to prevent further looking at something else.

For those who have vision problems and need greater contrast can achieve it in Settings- Accessibility – Text high contrast. It also allows to adapt the screen to have difficulty with color perception making: Settings – Accessibility – Color Correction.

The spam reports we receive can be removed by pressing a few seconds on the same, so a window appears with the configuration of the application and from there you can disable.

To increase security using Bluetooth or NFC cards, find the option Security Smart Lock function that locks these services if you are not using, doing this always active in breach of the security of our team.To use this function you must set a PIN and unlock method.

The NO Disturb mode has three different modes that can be configured, they are: None (not receiving anything), Priority (allows you to create filters) and All (receives whatever comes).

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