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Blink Me, an application created by Chilean entrepreneurs is now available for Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) operating systems. Allows sharing photos instantly, then disappear without a trace.

It can be used for imaging chat, sharing snapshots of the time, you spend almost no memory cell, because only last a few seconds and then disappear. The purpose of the service is to compete with applications like WhatsApp and Smart Chat.

Its founders, Max Rencoret (CEO) and Benjamin Molina, ensure that the application was created in native code, which means that for each system takes a new platform. Blink Me, has managed to reach more than 3000 members, of which 2 000 500 are Chileans.

In the region and is expanding in Colombia has managed over 500 users and in Mexico in a few days managed to catch the attention of more than a thousand sailors. Experts were surprised that an application without marketing has made many downloads in just days.

Visit: Blink Me | Visit his website

Download: Blink It | iOS Version

Download: Blink Me | Android Version

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