10 Details of the new iOS 8 Use them with your iPhone

You have installed the new Apple iOS is now a matter of knowing these 10 details of the new iOS 8 Use them with your iPhone and get the most out of your smartphone from Apple. Especially if you have the iPhone version 6 or iPhone 6 Plus , because in these versions of iPhone iOS 8 functions much better than previous versions.

With the new iPhone iOS 6 devices 8, 6 Plus iPhone , iPad Air 2 , iPad Mini 3 have the ability to have several options you can appreciate with is kind of gadgets. Even if you have a version of how theiPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C you can do the update without any problem, but the features to run iOS 8 whole can only be seen in the new Apple products.

Communication and sharing information are the new goals of the new Apple iOS 8. Here I will give a list of the 12 details of it is new iOS 8 which you can use in your new gadget. Let the party begin!

1.- Notifications
iOS 8 allows you to receive notifications without having to close the application you’re in at the time of receiving such notice. You can respond to this notice as you continue your email or perhaps responding while playing your favorite game. Similarly, the iOS 8 shows you the contacts more frequent in the top of the multitasking menu.

2.- Email
Via the Mail can now add events to your calendar from an email message. Mail also allows the option of gestures. What makes more enjoyable way to handle your emails. If fully drag the message you can delete or simply dial. Mail definitely have several improvements to way to your emails (email).

3.- Safari
Tab quick-glance at the iPad version now can take the Safari browser quintessential Apple. Since then Safari is enhanced to be a browser most reliable and fast. You can say that you can forget the Mozilla Firefox for Safari is improved.

4.- Search
Spotlight New features in iOS 8 lets you search Yosemite completely without accelerating the features of your smartphone . Also you can search from one document to the latest news from the new and renovated Spotlight on iOS in August.

5.- Keyboard
The new keyboard in iOS 8 can predict what you’re going to write, giving you a screen with the alternative that you can suggest. This new version of Keyboard is more intelligent than the previous version. And it is definitely a for the creators of this new version.

6.- Continuity
option Contonuity (Continuity) allows you to basically continue the job you’re doing at any otherdevice of Apple. That is, if you’re doing something on your iPhone you can continue doing your iPad if someone calls by phone . It also includes the option of taking calls from your iPad tablet as long as you create a “hotspot” to share the connection from your smartphone .

7.- More message text
in this version of iOS 8 you can remove and put people in a conversation even can now use the Do Not Disturb (better known as DND) for any type of conversation that takes place at your smartphone or tablet. You can also share the location of where you currently find yourself with your smartphone .And let’s not forget the role of being able to send audio messages.

8.- iCloud Drive
The new iCloud Drive is safer and improved, one of the best features is how you open a document in another application and edit it in the same App. Remember that you can also sync your smartphone to your photos and basically all your mobile content You can support your new account iCloud Drive .

9.- HealthKit
iOS 8 is aware that staying in shape is the best way to fight many diseases . The HealthKit controls multiple applications statistics that puts your health while you exercise or while walking.

10.- Family Sharing
This new option allows the iOS 8 can share photos, music, location, reminders, and many purchases made ​​in one account information. It is highly recommended if you use accounts with more than a smartphone or tablet. It is fine to use the Family Sahring.

Well, these are some points that are worth knowing this new iOS 8, ​​but to appreciate the new iOS 8 to full capacity I recommend you use it with how devices: iPhone 6 6 Plus iPhone , iPad Air 2 , iPad Mini 3. These come equipped to give users a better experience with this new update Apple iOS 8.

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