Send Me To Heaven is an app which Apple does not approve

SMTH or better known as Send Me To Heaven is an app where it says approves your smartphone ability to throw you as high as possible to see how many yards did it to throw.

Apple is a company that is aware of the consequences this app Send Me To Heaven can cause their users, therefore the company Apple has decided not to publish this application for iPhone users.

The idea of the app, Send Me To Heaven is to throw the smartphone as high as possible in order to record the length in meters of the smartphone in question. Currently only works with smartphones that have Android as OS.

The only think I miss that the cell may break and become unusable, it should think twice about whether it is wise to use Send Me To Heaven on your new Galaxy S4. It is for this reason that Apple decided not to publish app happy.

In case you want to use the app you can register your trademark and to share with more users on the network of Google Play. But you must also be very careful when you shove them up. I think the app Send Me To Heaven become very popular for the same risks that is has.

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