New update tool for Ubuntu systems

This canonical week announced the launch of Snappy Ubuntu , which allow the updating and installing applications faster than ever.

This system is designed for users of this operating system can validate their applications before installing them and not just in terms of security concerns but also to make sure that the application does what the user is searched and also make sure the system meets the minimum requirements for the proper performance of the application.

For canonical course will allow the Snappy Ubuntu can be configured with AppArmor security profiles, an old acquaintance in Linux systems that enforces access controls systems and Ubuntu has been using for several years.

With this the Canonical ensure that applications can not do whatever they want in the Ubuntu environment, but you’ll have to strictly adhere to the permissions set AppArmor profiles, thus users of this flavor of Linux will be sure that the applications that install not monitor their activities or steal your data or will look on things without your permission.

An excellent after announcement of all the dust that raised the Trojan infecting Linux systems announced last week.

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