Sony is in the eye of the hurricane by prior cyberattack

Definitely it appears that the worst for Sony has not happened and instead we are just at the beginning of many more and greater problems for Sony, which is in the eye of the hurricane.

Today has come out a statement from Sony, asking that all data that have been stolen and are in the hands of third parties should be destroyed if they do not hint at legal action.

And apparently, the amount of stolen data is simply enormous, both already mentioned as the worst attack received by any company in history and this apparently will have strong administrative, as it is mentioned to exit current president of the corporation Amy Pascal.

With all this, the Guardians of Peace, said are the perpetrators of the attack, have announced a Christmas present for Sony, so we imagine that the concerns are increasing.

Already been released by this group, screenplays and emails and is said to have many more things like email exchanges between executives and actors, even unreleased films and a large etcetera.

We’ll see how Sony manages to solve this big problem above them.

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