Microsoft reports error in build 9901 of Windows 10

Gabriel Aul responsible for the insider program of Microsoft has announced that there is an error in the build 9901 of Windows 10 . If you recall, a few days ago was really a boom filtration news of this and quickly build many enthusiasts were quick to download and install it on their computers, because this is being billed as virtually consumer preview version.

But it turns out that users who have installed this version can not access more updates from Microsoft, this according to Gabriel Aul due to a problem with this version that blocks the possibility of automatic updates.

If only automatic updates are affected, but you can make manual updates, and if this seems too complicated, you can also make a downgrade to an earlier preview to continue receiving updates, so as we see, in reality the problem is also not as serious.

And although many people say that this is more a kind of punishment for installing this preview is a leak, as think not, which is nothing more than just a normal error in this type of trial versions.

Personally, I am very expectantly to see the beta version was launched in January, probably will encourage us to install it and try it on our computers.

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