War browsers to view recommended Yahoo FireFox

Some time ago was announced that Mozilla (makers of Firefox) had decided to remove from your browser exclusivity Google service and default in the new version of Yahoo search service comes, because if visits services Yahoo with a browser other than Firefox, Yahoo will recommend switching to Mozilla browser.

Of course it’s a very interesting move, since the agreement between Mozilla and Google still stands, but the Mozilla wanted to give other options to users, although of course, a click on the new version of Firefox can choose the default search engine you like, whether Google, Yahoo, Bing or even Amazon.

Another interesting fact is that most users will use to install Firefox the default browser, no matter where it belongs, so it can be an interesting beat Google’s leadership in this sector. ¿War Against Google ?, we’ll see how they respond those of Mountain View .

Likewise, we will see how they respond other browsers , as no matter the browser you use, if you run Yahoo and do not use Firefox, Yahoo will recommend the change.

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