Whatsapp integrates encryption to increase security

The encrypted end to end would be enabled by default for Android. Whatsapp integrates encryption to increase security . In response to the failure of security of this messaging system, Whatsapp began integrating security through alliance with Open Whisper Systems, a developer of applications Signal, RedPhone and TextSecure .

The encrypted end to end is to encrypt data on your phone emits the message and descrifarlo in your destination, so the encrypted message can not be read even by attackers or by the same authorities Whatsapp, ie, in this encryption “point to point” ensures that only the sender and receiver are able to view the content of messages.

The implementation of the encryption is done through protocol TextSecure for the time guarantees encryption between two users are still working to implement it in chat messages in group and shared media, as well as on other platforms like iOS and Windows Phone .

With this new update Whatsapp be up to Cryptocat, Silent Text or Telegram in story to the safety of its users.

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