Shazam is the software visionary musical stars

Surely you meet Shazam, but I sure do not know is that software is a visionary musical stars. The Atlantic explained the company uses the search data on its users to predict what will be the next musical phenomena.

Shazam is an application that is unique to say what song we’re hearing and what artist belongs. Born in 2002, but its popularity exploded in 2008 when it became available in the App Store for iPhones.

Currently performs over 20 million searches a day, and the information it collects from them is invaluable. With this, the record executives can spot the trends daily also predict what will be fashionable brevity are.

These data can prevent outright change the advertising campaign for an artist, as can also see what are the most played tracks and therefore extrapolate the track of the web and cut into a radio broadcast.

What may be very good for business it affect the quality of music?

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