Amazon sells hundreds of products by 0.01 euros

It is the second error Amazon this month, the first was a few days ago when a person in England received by mistake a stock of more than 50 products that Amazon decided to leave, but Friday is really serious, throughout the afternoon thousands articles have appeared at a price of 0.01 Euros.

Some companies report losses of up to 40,000 Euros and also Amazon charging the commission to the real price of products so the bill for shops increases and due to the sending system that uses Amazon and items they have in stock, most shipments are processed in a few minutes so it was impossible to cancel, go mess.

Some companies advertise that if they pay this invoice without receiving real incomes will have to close, not because it may with payment.

The error was caused by a flaw in the software called ReciprerExpress , using many shops to adjust their prices automatically and be able to appear in the top of sales charts.

A really pretty complicated situation for everyone involved, we see that new information is disclosed and if found a way to solve the problem.

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