Human cloning is not well regarded among physicians

Providence College professor Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austrian, said that among these dilemmas may be noted the possibility of birth defects in a product, the concept of the clone as an object.

The issue of human cloning does not involve a debate over the integration of the soul to a body, but carries other medical and moral dilemmas to be considered from a religious perspective, noted specialists in the field.

Likewise, the right to free will of a being created with some expectations and possibly purposeful.

Teachers participated in the Department of Genetics and Life, organized by the Division of Health Sciences and the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity at the University of Monterrey (University of Monterrey).

The private institution indicated that the course developed at the University Senate Hall, addressed the topic “Stem cells: life expectancy, new frontiers.”

Giorgio Austrian stressed that the fundamental issues involved in cloning, is the idea of ​​the clone as an object, contrary to the concept of human beings as “not manufactured.”

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