The burger list in lab next week

The process of creating this meat begins with the procurement of stem cells from the muscles of the cow. Then incubated in a nutrient broth to multiply many times. Hence arises a sticky tissue with the consistency of a boiled egg.

The first test-tube burger in the world will be served in London next week. It is made of meat produced in the laboratory by scientists at the University of Maastricht (Netherlands), from stem cells cow. Its developers hope to show that the global demand for protein “can be satisfied without large herds of cattle.”

The research was funded by the Dutch Government and 300,000 euros for an anonymous businessman who, as published by the Daily Mail, could be the first to try the burger, which cost more than 289,500 euros. (250,000 pounds). Experts have explained that in raw meat is gray with a similar scallop squid or slippery texture.

The lead author, Mark Post, noted that currently being used by 70 percent of all agricultural capacity to grow meat through livestock. “If this continues you need to create alternatives, otherwise the meat will become a luxury food and end up being very expensive.”

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