Download Flappy Bird APK for Android Devices for Free

Did you hear about one game that has been talked about a lot everywhere? A game that is so simple yet challenging that players are literally getting mad that they can’t make a proper score! If you don’t know about any such game, then let me tell you what it’s called. The name of the game is Flappy Bird and it has become a craze among smartphone users all around the world in a very short time. It has been downloaded over 50 million times within a very short time and today, in this post, you will see how to download Flappy Bird for Android devices for free. Though the game is officially been taken down from Google Play Store and iPhone’s app store by its creator, it is still available for download.

You can easily get the Flappy Bird apk for Android devices, but it is hard to find the app for iOS devices. If you come across some site offering you to download Flappy Bird for money then don’t fall in the trap, as you can easily download Flappy Bird apk for absolutely nothing.

Download Flappy Bird for Android APK file (Not Official)

The question here arises is that why did the game became so popular all of a sudden and why did the creator of the game took it down even when the game was making more than $50,000 per day in ad revenue?

The exact reason is still not known but the creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, stated that the game has reached a state where anything added to it will completely ruin the game.

And that is absolutely true. With no proper settings options in the game and a vintage look has worked in the favor of the game. The game has been programmed with simple codes and the 8-bit look takes you back to the 90′s. And the human tendency to score more in everything has only worked in the favor of Flappy Bird and made it one of the most addictive games for Android.

The gameplay is fairly simple, all you have to do is tap on your device’s screen to keep the bird in flight. Tap the screen to keep the bird in air and avoid the pipes in the game and also avoid hitting the ground and try to make a high score in the game.

Download Flappy Bird Apk for Android:

The game was absolutely free to download when it was available and that’s the reason I am sharing the apk file of Flappy Bird with you guys. You can use the download link below to get the game on your PC and then transfer it to your smartphone, install it and start playing the game.

>> Download Flappy Bird for Android APK

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