Learn about gadgets that will be presented in 2015

Learn about gadgets that will be presented in 2015, these devices technology from different companies arrive in the next year to enrich the ecosystem began its boom during 2014.

Apple Watch : Advances were announced in September, the company’s manzanita still steadily working on this development .

Windows 10 : replace Windows 8 to solve some problems, and work on the Xbox. smartphones , laptops, computers personal. Includes a novelty in terms of changing interface called Continuum.

Galaxy S6: Samsung announced that next phone will have a big update so the code name Zero.

Samsung watches: this year has presented six wearables models, indicating that still intending to continue their work in this line by adding flexible display.

Microsoft Surface Mini: This year alone was presented the version of the Surface tablet, updates on the Mini version they had in development are expected.

iPad Pro: Apple plans to present the largest with 12-inch screen version.

HTC One: the emergence of the new version is expected to call Oculus Rift .

Town of virtual reality : Continued development now in the hands of  Mark Zuckerberg , although it was designed for video games could also be used in social networks , movies and concerts virtual.

Headphones Sony VR: Designed for PlayStation 4

Touch version of Microsoft Office for Windows: To tablets and laptops.

One: The high-end phone that can only be purchased at the invitation will be presented by One Plus.

Beats Music will integrate iTunes: To be able to compete with streaming services like Spotify.

Pebble: He left in 2014 with the Steel version, but is working on a new version 2015.

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