New scan for digital identification, the better!

In order to provide greater security to every day people in general, was recently presented the expected digital scanner, a device that checks the arteries of the hand without coming into contact with glass, so not leave tracks.

The device generates a hash code called, information not stored in memory, but the system transmits the data decoding reading. It is more than likely because they are not able to decrypt the biometric code, further erased after use.

The information generated by the system can not be used to identify or decipher any condition of the user, this depends on other systems with which the system communicates. Now we can say with certainty: “My secret number is my own hand.”

The possible use of the system is very large, and could be installed in the administration, to limit access to computers, medical or combined with other databases to, for example, access to the Schengen area of free movement within the European Union.

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