Geonaute 360 ​​interactive panoramic screenshots

Geonaute came with an interesting new proposal that will let you live any event that you recorded with your camera Geonaute 360. The device has 3 8-megapixel cameras around, able to be mounted on the same surfaces a GoPro camera.

Most pieces of software and hardware for Oculus Rift have focused on video games but the novelty is that you can capture your adventures and then display them in Oculus Rift in Geonaute video site, and the app for iOS and Android.

The videos are interactive, which means that while they are playing, you can choose from other angles. On the website, you must hold a click on the video and drag the mouse. In iOS and Android devices, you can swipe your finger on the screen or tilt the device.


Simply move your head, explore your recording videos through Geonaute 360 ​​Oculus Rift., Feeling is there. At the moment, the camera still does not allow live broadcasts, but they are already working on the matter.

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