Renewing our iPhone in exchange for what?

Apple could offer two different models to renew our iPhone: iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C. Being two distinct options, what are the advantages of each and which suits our requirements?

We argued a few days which could be Apple’s strategy with the new models of iPhone does. If the rumors are true, on September 10 would have an Apple event, and we would not see one, if not two new models: iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C. These two models, together with the iPhone 5, have a clear difference, target an audience with different needs and therefore different prices. This article razonaremos what options we could offer to renew our Apple iPhone and the advantages of each.

All rumors suggest that the new generation will be the iPhone 5S. As it did with the Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S, I would use the external design of the device and its components would about. A few weeks of this model, buy an iPhone 5 is not worth it, since the parties will suffer the most significant changes would be expected and power your camera.

The new A7 processor could be 31% faster GPU will surely have a larger capacity drive and maybe some more RAM. While not fail in the current iPhone 5 diapers, yes that will grant a considerable advantage over the iPhone 5C. The camera of the iPhone 5S would his other great strength to renew our iPhone, not just for a rumored increase in megapixels, but that could have optical image stabilization and higher focal aperture.

The third advantage over the iPhone 5C would construction aluminum, which gives you a better look and increased strength. In addition to these options, the iPhone 5S could come in gold, a new 128Gb model and the big news: A fingerprint reader, so you could also make this model decantéis.

Finally, regarding the price, one would think that would keep the price of the current iPhone 5. This would be my choice if looking for the top end model of Apple, and if so my personal recommendation is that adquiráis subsequently free to choose the deal that suits us.

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