The cell will be the preferred target of hackers

A study by Symantec, the cell will be the preferred hacker 2015 white, so please take care of your phone from hackers. If we are especially cautious with our PC, whether they are laptops or desktop , it seems that our mobile phones should have the same care, according to this report from Symantec, attacks on smartphones grew by 500% between 2013 and 2014 and expects this trend to continue or increase for 2015.

The mobile cellular saved a lot of confidential information currently is why they are particularly coveted by hackers target and is expected due to these factors, the 2015 will bring substantial changes in protection of personal data is concerned.

It is expected that this new concept of protection has a strong impact on the way people and organizations think about the security information and prevention of crimes cyber .

The great advances in Iot ( Internet of Things ) and its popularization, make users increase both use the network as the various devices such as smartphones and therefore the storage of critical data for the safety of people also will be increased.

It never hurts to take more very simple preventive measures, such as installing apps only official repositories and spending a few dollars on antivirus is very important.

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