The Flatlock David Matheu causes a stir

No need to be Steve Jobs, or have large capital and infrastructure to invent a product. Moreover, it is not even necessary to know how the product is manufactured. You only need to have a good idea.

David’s story shows that anyone with a good product idea can become inventor and even make money with it.

David is a young Salvadoran Matheu without going even at age 18 and managed to invent a product that will soon be on, a company that began five years ago and has become a global community of inventions and inventors products.

“Our goal is to make invention accessible. We turn ideas into solutions to problems, “he told Yahoo! Finance, Nathaniel Padget, community manager
David The product is a kind of lock-up that you can carry in your wallet and appears Flatlock.

“It was a spark that I had a day I went to the gym and forgot my lock to secure my bag in the box,” said Matheu to Yahoo! Finance, who lives in Costa Rica and just out of high school and hopes to study entry mechanical engineering in the fall of this year at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Visit: Flatlock

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