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  • Motorola Introduces Moto smartphone G

    Motorola Introduces Moto smartphone G

    With similar technical features luxury equipment, the company introduced its new smartphone Motorola Moto G, at an affordable price of between $ 400 and $ 850 USD and the cost will not reduce its power and performance of Google representatives say. The Moto G includes a quad-core processor ...

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  • A different experience Qosmio laptops

    A different experience Qosmio laptops

    With a 17.3-inch screen and weighing 7.5 pounds, the Qosmio X75, turns out to be a great assistant with high performance, all in a laptop. The team provides a different user experience, to improve the ability of any device of its kind. This laptop is considered so far, the most powerful in the ...

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  • The Samjiyon tablet not connecting to internet

    The Samjiyon tablet not connecting to internet

    To the surprise of many users, the famous North Korean Samjiyon Tablet, has difficulty connecting to the internet. Despite its affordable price for a tourist, the average population of that city can not acquire it so easily. Unlike tablets in the South Korean market by the Samsung company, ...

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  • Since 2015 comics will be published on Star Wars

    Since 2015 comics will be published on Star Wars

    After Disney acquired the rights to Lucasfilm, starting next year, Marvel will publish comics and graphic novels acclimated about the universe, Star Wars. In addition, the tournament is promoted to choose the favorite character of the legendary saga. Next year will be characterized by a ...

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  • The importance of service in SMEs

    The importance of service in SMEs

    As in any business, the most important is the client . In a globalized and competitive world it is important to create a good relationship with your customers, improving the care and services that you offer. You do not so much have the best product, but is also important, but to satisfy ...

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  • Hitler was injected bull semen

    Hitler was injected bull semen

    Over the years we slowly get to know more secrets about the life of one of the most important figures of the last century, Adolf Hitler. This time we do it through a National Geographic documentary that reveals the addictive world of the dictator. As echoed by the British tabloid The Mirror, ...

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  • Ununpentium new element in the periodic table

    Ununpentium new element in the periodic table

    Element 115 was synthesized again, a decade after it was discovered, and may now meet the official requirements to get into the periodic table of the elements. If so, it will rank 115th among the flerovium (114) and livermorium (116), recognized a couple of years ago. Element 115 has now been ...

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