Android TV is promising to reinvent TV

The interface Android TV is based on a design cards . You can use your voice to control the channel search or information series, actors and actresses. And yes, you can control from your watch, although currently only assume that if Android Wear.

Under the name “Android TV”, Google, the company’s Mountain View , try entering homes screens with a system to enable applications from your store Google Play and interact with other equipment, such assmartphones or tablets .

Android Google TV will support full Cast, ie able to send content from your tablet or phone or TV in an instant. As with Chromecast but already integrated in the system.

Android TV will come later this year built on TVs from Sony and Sharp, although so far no information on specific dates, prices or availability countries. Currently, Android TV seems a more complete proposal that the defunct Google TV but it does not seem that revolutionary and completely different to what we had seen.

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