The smartphone blackphone caring your privacy

Blackphone operates on Android but with an added layer of security with which its creators renamed theplatform as PrivOS. This layer encrypts the data that exist on the phone , making it difficult to track back.

Additionally one of the most important features of the device is a set of apps to add another level of security.

Applications like Silent Silent Voice and Text allow calls and send texts privately.

Others like Silent Circle allow communication with other secure users , although they do not have a blackphone. That works for every user of this phone can give away three subscriptions to the app to family or friends.

SpiderOak creates a private cloud where users can back up your encrypted information without fear that a cracker steal your data.

On top of this navigation network is private through a VPN (Virtual Private Connection), searches are performed not leave IP address or store calls cookies with our preferences, and administrator WiFi only connects points access in which trust fully.

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